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Profile of Simon at indigostring based in Chichester West SussexAfter talking about the indigostring name in my previous blog post, I thought I would turn my attention to the next logical step that any new business faces. That challenge is around the creation of a logo. Perhaps the better term to use is branding or visual identity as a logo is only part of this important step.

Any business needs an identity to be able to stand out from the competitive crowd and indigostring is certainly no different. I believe this is a difficult decision for any new business and its owner. Just how do you create something that will stand the test of time, but also resonate with your potential customers? It’s certainly a perplexing part of starting up.

We can help you to develop an identity and an earlier post on how to brief may also give you insight on how to convey what you want to a designer. Here is how I approached it:

My first logical step was to research the market and the competitors to see what the current conditions are like. To identify if there are similarities or whether they are quite desperate in their approach. Some markets follow a pattern, others are more unique. As my business is in the creative industry it was the unique – which would be understandable given the market.

Unique was certainly something I wanted too – but I also wanted something that was an evolving brand that could be used in multiple ways. There had to be foundations though – aspects of the identity that remains consistent across all the different delivery methods – both online and offline (print).

Evolving yet consistent…. Sounds like a contradiction!

This is where my earlier reference of a logo being used singularly as an ‘inappropriate term’ comes in. I decided to introduce two principles: That the logo element would be the evolving aspect, and the consistency would be based on positioning and use of typography.

The string illustration was created and evolved into a device that is in strands crossing over each other – the symbolism of offering a range of services that crossover, merge and can also move away from one another. The different colours reinforce that statement. It also changes it’s shape and position depending on what it’s being displayed one – twitter, facebook, mobile, offline – they all have a slightly different interpretation – but the nuance of the string remains.

The foundation is set in my second principle. The colour ribbon appears prominent at the start or at the top of titles and statements and is underpinned underneath it by the consistent use of a sans serif typeface – which is used throughout on the website, mobile and offline and where possible on social media with their own guidelines in place.

So, there you have it. It took some time to develop – but time is warranted and deserved if you want a visual identity to work hard and attract attention. Take a look at some of the identities I have helped create for other clients and get in contact with me if you have something you want developed.

Until next time.

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