Happy Birthday Mac

An essential tool in a creative’s arsenal these days apart from an pencil, pen and a piece of paper – with of course an idea behind it is a computer to transfer those ideas on an industrial and commercial level. Last week that essential tool had a milestone anniversary – 30 years in fact.

The Mac has been an adopted industry standard for a significant amount of that time – over 25 years where early adopters are concerned. It is suffice to say that without it, there would not be the creative freedom that exists today – and for that I am grateful. I first used one nearly 20 years ago (scary thought) in my student days and it really has been a constant companion along the way ever since.

Yes, it’s expensive to initially buy one. Yes, you can probably get something far cheaper elsewhere on other platforms. Yes, I get dragged into the usual debates which I try to steer clear of, because I believe it is a personal choice to all.

But for me, it works.

I don’t need to spend an inordinate amount of my time looking after it and it just works without complaint or attention. As it is an industry standard too, it’s easier to use it within my professional field.

I pay for the experience and productive creative efficiency. That’s all I ever want, or need.

Happy Birthday Mac!


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