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Profile of Simon at indigostring based in Chichester West SussexOne question I have been asked a number of times since the launch of the website has been “Why indigostring…?”

It’s a very good question and one I’d thought I would answer in a blog post to start to explain the reasons behind this business and what I want to bring to my clients. Why not start by explaining the meaning of it?

In terms of colour have always liked deep blues and purples as a range. They are very deep and rich and are also very vibrant. Vibrancy is always something I like to put into my creative work. A cross between this colour range is of course indigo, which seemed to be an ideal choice for the first part of my business name.

Indigo was named after a blue dye which was originally derived from the Indigofera tinctoria plant. The term was coined as far back as 1289 and was originally a named colour of the rainbow spectrum. Modern definitions, however, do not designate it as a true division of colour because of it’s close crossover in the wavelength spectrum between blue and violets – leading onto purples.

Indigo is a more emotive definition of the colour range so it seemed appropriate to use it. I needed something to tie it together and with the business offering multiple strands and the offer of creating a design experience across multiple mediums the term of string seemed to me to fit the bill perfectly. The words of connection, linking and seamless from the first point of contact to the final result all seem to resonate with the term of ‘string’. It also fitted with indigo rather well too.

I am also a bit of a science geek at times and I think watching The Big Bang Theory has also had a sway on the naming convention. Hence why this blog is called stringtheory.

There is also a bit of a double meaning where the name is concerned. I have been working for a collection of businesses and orgnaisations for 17 years and always have done a little freelance work in my spare moments. I thought it was about time I stepped into the world of running my own business and ‘being independent and to go forward with new ideas and experiences. It made my mind up when choosing the name anyway!

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